Process optimisation for De Rycke


Jean started the process optimisation with an analysis of our business environment by focusing on our market and market approach. He checked whether our organisation matched our vision and strategy.

The ‘as-is’ process analysis that followed surprised us. We gained a clear understanding of our business processes and we immediately saw many opportunities for improvement. But that was not all.

In the next step, Jean redesigned our processes to make them more efficient and improve their performance. This was done informally and encouraged us to make improvements ourselves based on our business knowledge.

Those business process objectives are now the foundation of our new way of working, which is supported by a successful ERP implementation. It has made us even more prepared for the future in this competitive market. – Koen De Rycke, manager of De Rycke

Process optimisation for Wyckaert


When we started using Jean’s services, we were just reviewing our business vision and strategy. Jean helped us use strategy cards for clearer articulation and internal communication of the strategy.

In the next phase, Jean analysed our business processes. He identified possible improvements and made them more efficient. He also clarified their mutual connection and relationship to the strategy. This gave us a systemic view of how to improve our organisation’s sustainable performance.

Finally we also used Jean as a sounding board for choosing and implementing an integrated software system. The result? A significant improvement in our operational activities. – Pascale De Backer, director of Wyckaert

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