Future-oriented process optimisation

Make your company healthier, stronger and more agile. Move towards a learning, self-managing organisation. I will help you with smart process optimisation.

Permanent improvement

After the process scan, you will know which processes to tackle first. Time for the next step: the process optimisation itself. These are the results I achieve:

  • You observe the improvement in a clear, objective way: fewer complaints, more profit, faster deliveries, etc. Your company will become healthier, stronger and more agile.
  • Your employees will learn how to improve processes themselves. This will make me unnecessary and help you create a learning, self-managing organisation.

Process optimisation in 5 steps

I optimise your processes into logical groups, taking into account the priorities and relationships between processes. The process optimisation happens in 5 steps:

  1. Purpose and quality criteria of the process: what result are we after?
  2. As is: what is the process like today and where are the opportunities for improvement?
  3. To be: we start from a white page and we redesign the process.
  4. Implementation of the new process, with attention for all stakeholders.
  5. Monitoring and evaluation with a view to continuous process optimisation.

Why use my services?

  • I adjust your processes to your business context (market) and strategy in order to make them future proof.
  • Avoid turning your organisation into a chaotic construction site. The processes should be optimised step by step.
  • You receive an overview of the expected costs and payback effects in advance.
  • I use my process management experience to help you continuously improve your processes.
  • I ensure maximum support from your employees, so they can get to work themselves.
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