A few methods

I use a wide range of proven methods for the assessment, process scan and process optimisation. Here is an overview of the most important ones.

Systems thinking

Systems thinking sees your organisation as a whole. You take into account the total impact of changes, avoid sub-optimisation and make improvements through leverage.

The ultimate goal of systems thinking is a learning organisation in which committed employees continue to adjust your processes to lift your company to a higher level.

I use systems thinking for:

  • Assessment: how coherent is your organisation and is everything aligned well?
  • Process scan: are your processes in line with your strategy and how do they affect each other?
  • Process optimisation: where are the strong levers and undesirable side effects?


With NLP you convince people, you communicate better and you achieve your goals faster. Your employees will see the benefits of improvement and will also support it in their work.

NLP streamlines the communication with your management during the process scan. In the process optimisation, NLP creates support and so paves the way for a learning organisation.

Lean and Six Sigma

This process optimisation toolbox has more than proven its success and encourages your employees to optimise processes themselves. This helps you achieve a continuous improvement culture at your company.

I use Lean and Six Sigma in your process optimisation. The results are fewer complaints, more profit, faster lead times, etc. And a healthier, stronger and more agile company.

Prince II

This project management methodology helps you achieve a well-considered approach to projects. Prince II ensures clear deliverables from the start, avoids pitfalls along the way and guarantees close monitoring.

I will use Prince II for your process optimisation in order to plan and guide change. This prevents the transformation from disrupting your company and maximises your chances of success.

Lean start-up

How do you market new products or services as efficiently and effectively as possible? How do you increase your company’s innovative power and agility? The lean start-up method shows you the way.

I use the lean start-up method for the innovation processes during your process optimisation. The objective is to innovate more, better and faster with fewer resources.

Experience the power of these methods:

Find out where you stand,
know your priorities.
Get a full roadmap
for your optimisation.