Marlies’ story

As business analyst at TVH, I first discovered my passion for process optimisation, while, today, Jean and I combine our expertise in Effic. How can we be of help?

How it all started

After studying economics and commercial sciences, I started working at Thermote en Vanhalst (TVH) in Waregem. I am currently doing business analysis as part of a product information management software project and have the following duties:

  • Analysis of various processes
  • Change management guidance
  • End user support
  • Application testing coordination 

Passion for process optimisation

It was in my role as business analyst that my great love for process optimisation first became apparent. Indeed, I often find that many people are insufficiently aware of the importance of process optimisation, or have no idea how to get started with it.

This is how we combine our expertise

Jean has extensive experience in all-round process optimisation, ERP implementation and project management, while I focus on the digital and data sides of process optimisation, as well as the user’s perspective. This combination works and is only increasing our added value.

Besides working for clients – in tandem with Jean – I share my experience in blog articles and am involved in marketing Effic.

Use those skills and experience:

Find out where you stand,
know your priorities.
Get a full roadmap
for your optimisation.