Jean’s story

I optimise your processes and I immediately make them future proof. The secret behind my comprehensive approach? Years of experience and a unique skillset.

Future-oriented process optimisation

Jean VercruysseYour processes are not isolated. That is why every process optimisation is adjusted to your business environment, strategy and customers. This achieves two objectives:

  • You ensure your company’s strength, agility and continuity in the long term.
  • You grow into a learning, self-managing organisation with a permanent advantage.

This comprehensive approach is based on 20 years of experience and a unique skillset, as outlined below.

Unique knowledge and experience

Efficiency has always been my passion. That is why after years of working in ERP, I moved to business process redesign and process management. It was the start of over 10 years’ experience in:

  • SMEs and large corporations
  • The IT and socio-technical approach
  • The conversion of strategy into processes

That is how I laid the foundation of my comprehensive approach supported by the following training:

  • Master of Science: engineering studies focusing on analytical skills
  • Master in Business Processes and ICT: socio-technical process optimisation
  • Lean Black Belt: how do you streamline processes and guide continuous improvement?
  • Prince II: how do you bring your projects to a successful conclusion?
  • NLP and systems thinking: how do you make a company a winning team, a harmonious “system” with motivated people?

Use those skills and experience:

Find out where you stand,
know your priorities.
Get a full roadmap
for your optimisation.