The Harada method & 4D-Lean

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A few months ago, I took the training on the Harada method and 4D-Lean, which I found – and meanwhile also experienced – as very interesting and effective. That’s why I want to share it with you, as it may really help you to further improve your organisation.

Indeed, many studies (among other from Gallup) showed that only a small part of employees are professionally engaged with their employer. Self-reliance and self-management is the main key to boost employee engagement and thus your business processes, and finally your organisation’s overall productivity.

That’s where the Harada method and 4D-Lean may help you to make the difference.

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The process of change

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Any considerable change to business processes, either for improvement or for innovation, means an organisational change. Because processes are usually cross-functional, any change to processes often impacts an important part of your overall organisation, indeed.

Nevertheless, a defective change management is still too often the cause of failed transformation projects. Technology is very seldom the cause, though the people side of change remains the biggest challenge for organisational transformations.

Read in this blog which change management aspects you should never neglect, so to realise only successful organisational projects. Other said, how applying the process of change correctly will help you to succeed in process changes.

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Data driven process improvement

Data driven process improvement

Unless you are living on another planet than the Earth, there is no doubt that you know what the IoT or Internet of Things is. Especially when you regularly read Effic blogs.

Though have you already considered using “things”, and more specifically the (big) data that they can generate so to improve your business processes?

Read in this blog about the main ways how your organisation can get value out of such data, and how you can use these to boost your business processes.

You will also read valuable recommendations based on the experience by 300 companies that have already invested significantly in IoT-applications to create additional value ; value for their customers and value for themselves.

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Process Design for business innovation

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Do you also think that applying business process management, or Lean – with or without Six Sigma – or operational excellence in general, even in a thorough form, are at odds with business innovation? Either disruptive innovation or not?

Anyway, in this blog you will read a living demonstration, through a practical case, of how business process management enables and facilitates business innovation. Even not only process design, though all steps of the BPM life cycle.

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Business Process maturity models

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As you (may) have read in the latest blog, Business Process Governance is an important enabler to reach even higher process maturity levels. Which on its turn will help your organisation to deliver even better products and services, so to foster an even higher customer satisfaction.

Though how do you measure your organisation’s process maturity? And how should you use process maturity models to increase this maturity, and ultimately your business performance?

Well, read this blog and understand what business process maturity models are, which are the main ones and how you best would use them.

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