Business Process maturity models

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As you (may) have read in the latest blog, Business Process Governance is an important enabler to reach even higher process maturity levels. Which on its turn will help your organisation to deliver even better products and services, so to foster an even higher customer satisfaction.

Though how do you measure your organisation’s process maturity? And how should you use process maturity models to increase this maturity, and ultimately your business performance?

Well, read this blog and understand what business process maturity models are, which are the main ones and how you best would use them.

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Business Process Governance

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Here we are… the only element left of the BPM life cycle which still might look like a mystery to you will now be unveiled.

Whether – or not – you already know (much) about Business Process Governance, this blog may help you and your organisation in achieving even higher performance thanks to approaching BPM even more structurally and professionally.

This blog explains what Business Process Governance is about, what its main elements are, and which roadmap or “growth path” you may use according to your organisation’s process maturity level and its size.

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Business Process Monitoring

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Have you ever improved something without any kind of measurement?

I guess – and hope for you – your answer is ‘no’.

Read in this blog why I consider business process monitoring the cornerstone of continuous (process) improvement, and how you could apply it in a very systemic way.

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Business Process implementation technologies

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In the previous blog you have become acquainted with what the step “implementation” means in the BPM cycle.

In this blog you will read about which main technologies exist to easily implement the business processes that you (re)designed.

And you also read when you should use for which technology.

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Business Process implementation

Process implementation

Even after a thorough redesign, process models are not worth much as long as they are not executable. Thus as long as they are not implemented.

In this blog, you will read the most important aspects you should take into account while implementing your (re)designed business processes.

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