Process discovery with SIPOC


Did you ever use the SIPOC concept already? And for which purpose?

Did you already use it for process discovery in particular?

Read in this blog how you can discover your own business processes thanks to such a simple and easy technique like SIPOC.

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The importance of meaning of process work

Meaning of process work - banner

Did you already wonder how to optimise your business processes the most effectively?

Especially when you are dealing with knowledge workers, there is a big chance that your employees motivation and involvement represent the highest potential for process improvement and productivity increase.

Read in this blog why the meaning of process work is key, and what may help you to achieve this higher level op productivity.

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22 tips for self-managing process teams

Self-managed Process-teams organisation (banner)

Although there are already many books about the usefulness and importance of organizations consisting of self-managing teams, I have not yet read many with practical and useful tips or tools to start such a transformation or to steer it in the right direction.

That is why I like to share with you numerous useful tips that can help you evolve your organization towards more self-management. Because the fact that such organizations can count on much happier and more involved employees, and therefore a sustainable higher productivity, is beyond dispute.

Read in this blog no less than 22 valuable tips, each with a process approach, that can help you ensure more happiness and better results in your organisation.

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Robotic Process Automation – part 1

RPA banner

Now RPA or Robotic Process Automation is beyond the hype, it is time to reveal its secrets.

Read in this first blog dedicated to RPA technology what it is (not) and why it may be valuable to your organisation. And above all, for which types of business processes and activities you best do (not) use it.

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The Harada method & 4D-Lean

Harada blog banner Effic

A few months ago, I took the training on the Harada method and 4D-Lean, which I found – and meanwhile also experienced – as very interesting and effective. That’s why I want to share it with you, as it may really help you to further improve your organisation.

Indeed, many studies (among other from Gallup) showed that only a small part of employees are professionally engaged with their employer. Self-reliance and self-management is the main key to boost employee engagement and thus your business processes, and finally your organisation’s overall productivity.

That’s where the Harada method and 4D-Lean may help you to make the difference.

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